Find the word or phrase that best completes each sentence - 14. Find the word or phrase that best completes each sentence - 14.
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Find the word or phrase that best completes each sentence - 14.

7.You hardly ever panic, _____ you?
8.The reporter asked the old lady if she had spent _____ on dolls.
few money
some moneys
any moneys
any money
9.I _____ accepted the job if I had known the conditions in the factory.
wouldn't have never
would never have
never would
would have never
10.A fast train runs _____ than a slow train.
much fast
more fastly
11.Could you tell me when _____ on Sundays?
shops open
shops' opening
are shops open
do shops open
1."So you started reading Spanish novels a month ago." "Well, in fact, I _____ read Spanish novels before that."
got used to
2.Only two _____ cheering wildly when the American pop group appeared on the stage.
hundred peoples were
hundreds of peoples were
hundreds peoples were
hundred people were
3.We _____ our new car for five days when my husband crashed it.
have had
had had
4.You _____ a university degree for this job. You'll only have to write letters and answer the phone.
mustn't have
haven't got
don't need
5.She knew that Alex _____ well lately.
hasn't been feeling
hadn't been feeling
was felt
hadn't been felt
6.Be polite if you _____ me to help you.
would want
had wanted
will want
17.That's the tenth brandy you _____ this evening.
have drunk
have been drinking
18._____ we spend our holidays at the seaside.
Since four years
Every year
19.She would have drowned if she _____ swim.
had not
didn't know to
couldn't have
hadn't been able to
20.Yesterday it _____ continuously when I was going to the club.
was going to rain
had rained
has rained
was raining
12.Yesterday afternoon the children were watching the video when suddenly a cat _____ into the room through the open window.
was jumped
had been jumping
had jumped
13.After she _____ the answer, the judge started to laugh.
had been hearing
was hearing
was heard
had heard
14.Don't disturb me. _____ an important report.
I write
I'm writing
I'll to write
I'll write
15.The captain of the ocean liner has just asked a sailor if _____ seen a white whale near the African coast.
he always had
had he ever
he had ever
he has ever
16.Sorry about the mess - I _____ the house.
had painted
will have painted
have been painting
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